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Introduction: The Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association Library was established in 1947. SCBA Library has a well arranged library enriched with over 47,000 books and reading materials from home and abroad and has a rich collection of books, law journals and law reports of USA, UK, Australia, Common Wealth, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh Supreme Court. The Library is essentially a reference library, and as such, all of its collection is for use within the Supreme Court and Bar premises only.
The Reading Room of the Library is fully air conditioned. Bar Library has a Cyber Centre for Internet Browsing.
Location: The Association is housed in two buildings one is known as the main building which is two storied and the other known as the annex building which is three storied. The present Association has a legacy of the then Dhaka High Court of judicature at Dhaka, established after the creation of Pakistan in 1947. In 1967 the then High Court of judicature at Dhaka was shifted to the present main building. The Library of the Supreme Court Bar Association is in the main building in the first floor and top of the Bar Auditorium.
Library Administration and Management: The supervision of the library shall be placed in hands of a Sub-Committee called the Library Sub-Committee which shall consist of 5 members including the Senior Vice-President to be elected in first General Meeting of the term and the Assistant Secretary in-charge of Library shall act as the Secretary to the Library Sub-Committee. The Suggestions and recommendations of the Library Sub-Committee for the preservation, improvement and efficient management of the library shall be considered and implemented by the Executive Committee.
Library Manpower: Librarian in-charge of the Library and acting as head of the staff engaged specifically for the management of the library. The Library is managed by group of expert personnel. Total manpower of the Bar library is nine in number following staff members are ready to provide services and to meet queries of information consumers:

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