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Article 94 of the Constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
  1. There shall be a Supreme Court for Bangladesh (to be known as the Supreme Court of Bangladesh ) comprising the Appellate Division and the High Court division.
  2. The Supreme Court shall consist of the Chief Justice, to be known as the Chief Justice of Bangladesh, and such number of other Judges as the President may deem it necessary to appoint to each division.
  3. The Chief Justice, and the Judges appointed to the Appellate Division, shall sit only in that Division , and the other Judges shall sit only in the High Court Division.
  4. Subject to the provisions of this Constitution the Chief Justice and the other judges shall be independent in the exercise of their judicial functions.
Purpose and Object
Purpose and Object
  1. To provide for its members a common place where all the members of the Association may gather together and have all facilities for conduction their profession;

  2. To provide for the use of its members, books and journals for the diffusion of knowledge with special reference to the legal profession and to maintain a well-equipped and up-to-date library;

  3. To assist members to do all that may be necessary to maintain and protect the interests and dignity of the Bar.

  4. To provide scope for discussion of all matter of legal interest as also of great public importance,

  5. To give of arrange for legal assistance free or at nominal costs in special circumstance or to people in distress;

  6. To publish journals, if thought fit;

  7. To organise social and cultural functions as also games, sports and recreational facilities for creating fraternal relationship and for the wellbeing members;

  8. To organise security for the members and their families by instituting Benevolent Found and Relief Fund and if possible, by introducing group Insurance of members;

  9. To do all such other deeds and things as may be necessary to promote further and secure all or any of the above object.

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