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1. What kind of Organization it is?
It's a Voluntary and welfare Association for human being, Law & Justice, Rule of Law & Democracy of the Country and especially for the Lawyer.

2. What is the Rule of enlistment in the Supreme Court Bar Association?
After one year getting the High Court practicing permission from the Bangladesh Bar Council, a Lawyer can apply for the membership of the Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association. After facing the Vi-va Voc a Lawyer will be selected for the membership.

3. How many taka to be deposited after selected for the membership?
If the selecting member is 35 years or bellow at the time of depositing money he/she has to deposited the following amount

Admission Fee Tk.11,000.00
General Subscription    Tk.     800.00
 Subscription for Benevolent Fund  Tk.   3,000.00
Subscription for Medical Fund    Tk.      200.00
Subscription for Relief Fund    Tk.      100.00
Subscription for Legal Aid Fund    Tk.        30.00
Subscription for Staff Benevolent Fund  Tk.        50.00
Membership Identity Card    Tk.      150.00
Ribon for identity Card   Tk.        50.00
Membership Directory    Tk.      200.00
Constitution of the Supreme Court Bar  Tk.        50.00
  Total : Tk. 15,630.00

If the selecting member is above 35 years at the time of depositing money he/she has to deposited Tk.12, 630.00 without the Subscription for Benevolent Fund.
NB: It may change time to time as per decision of the general Meting of the BSCBA.

4. After getting the membership when and how many taka have to be paid to the member?
Every year from 1st January to 30th June each member have to pay Tk.1,180.00 Compulsorily and who are entitle to the Benevolent fund he has to pay additional Tk.3,000.00 or 6,000.00 or 8,000.00 per year depending on the length of membership. [For 1 --- 5 years Tk.3000/=, for 6 --- 15 years Tk.6, 000.00 and above 15 years Tk.8, 000.00]

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